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You can extend the Validator class.

Laravel Doc

But anyway try this


You can use the hidden selector:

// Matches all elements that are hidden
And the visible selector:

// Matches all elements that are visible


The Illuminate\Mail\Mailable::attach() method returns $this, you just have to chain it:

 * Build the message.
 * @return $this
public function build()

Use this:

git remote set-url origin git://new.location

Alternatively, open .git/config, look for [remote "origin"], and edit the url = line.

You can check it worked (...)

You can use grep -ilR:

grep -Ril "text-to-find-here" /directory-path
  • i stands for ignore case (optional in your case).
  • R stands for recursive.
  • l stands (...)

Here are few differences between using let and var:

1. Redeclaration:

In strict mode, var will let you re-declare the same variable in the same scope while let throws (...)

You can use delete keyword to remove properties from objects.

if(myObject.hasOwnProperty('item1')) {
	delete myObject.item1;

Note that, To remove an element from (...)

Often when checking if something is visible or not, jQuery chaining makes this simple.

So if you have a selector and you need to play out some activity on it only if is visible (...)