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You can try this package to validators for base64 encoded files:

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Lumen is mainly for smaller applications, and its community is also very small as compare to Laravel. Because the Lumen community is small, so if you stuck on something then it (...)

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The subset of full-stack Web framework or the core of microframeworks, Lumen is tailored to develop smaller applications, one that is function-driven. The fact that Lumen (...)

For that first, you have to understand Semantic Versioning. It is divided into three sections separated by a dot.


Major, (...)

I guess this image describes better var vs. let vs. const in JavaScript.

var vs. let vs. const in JavaScript.

The following code is works perfect for me, and I can send multiple attachment with the email. So here is the code:

Here is my SendMail mailable class:



For that, you should update the git index, and git update-index does that job.

You should use --skip-worktree which is for modified tracked files that the user doesn't want (...)