What is the use of Canvas in HTML?

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I'm somewhat confounded about what HTML5 canvas is. I've been told it is JavaScript, however, it is by all accounts an a lot greater arrangement?

  • What makes it unique in relation to javascript?
  • For what reason is it so astonishing?
  • Does it do different things than JavaScript?
2 Answers

HTML 5 canvas gives you an easy and powerful way to draw graphics using JavaScript. For each canvas element you can use a "context" (think about a page in a drawing pad), into which you can issue JavaScript commands to draw anything you want. Browsers can implement multiple canvas contexts and the different APIs provide the drawing functionality.

Best answer

Canvas was added onto HTML5 to enable clients to draw designs in a hurry, utilizing JavaScript. There are an assortment of strategies in to take into account the drawing of ways, circles, boxes, pictures, and then some.


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