30+ Github Repos for JavaScript Developers

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30+ Github Repos for JavaScript Developers

As the biggest stage for open source collaboration, Github is the ideal place for developers to work on resources related to JavaScript. A speedy hunt will yield JavaScript cheatsheets, interview questions, algorithms and data structures, best practices, learning paths, and even full open-source books. These repositories can likewise be a great place to make a first open-source contribution.

'Awesome' JavaScript Lists

Awesome JavaScript - A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources.

Awesome JavaScript - An extensive JavaScript collection.

Awesome React - An collection of valuable things from the React ecosystem.

Awesome Node.js - The best Node.js modules and resources.

Awesome NPM - Tips, packages, community, and docs for the Node package manager.

Awesome Deno - A collection of the best Deno modules and resources.

Awesome Test Automation Resources - A curated list of JavaScript test automation frameworks, tools, and libraries.


You Don't Know JS - This is a series of books by Kyle Simpson diving deep into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language.

Functional Light JavaScript - An advanced look at functional programming with JavaScript.

The JavaScript Way - A helpful companion for anybody wishing to (re)discover the numerous features of JavaScript.

ES6 for Humans - A straightforward guide covering ES6 syntax.

Interview Questions

JavaScript Interview Questions - 400+ JavaScript interview questions

Front End Interview Handbook

JavaScript Questions - Multiple choice JS questions.

Awesome Interview Questions - Interview questions in many programming languages including JavaScript.

Interview Questions in JavaScript

Algorithms and Data Structures

  1. JavaScript Algorithms

  2. Algorithms in JavaScript

  3. JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures

  4. Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript

  5. Computer Science in JavaScript

  6. Computer Science in JavaScript

  7. Problem Solving JavaScript - Data Structures, algorithms, logical problems, and classics implemented in JavaScript.

  8. JavaScript Data structures and Algorithms

JavaScript Resources

  1. Github's JavaScript Trending List — The latest trending JavaScript repositories.

  2. Clean Code JavaScript — Guidelines for readable, reusable, and refactorable JavaScript code. Inspired by Robert C. Martin's book Clean Code.

  3. Airbnb Style Guide — A reasonable style guide for the JavaScript language.

  4. ECMAScript proposals — The official JavaScript (formally, ECMAScript) specification. View and contribute to upcoming JavaScript features here.

Learn JavaScript

  1. ES6 Cheatsheet — ES6 tips, tricks, best practices and code snippets.

  2. ES6 Overview — Practical insights into ES6 features, with bullet points.

  3. Modern JS Cheatsheet — A JavaScript guide to help developers with basic knowledge get familiar with modern codebases.

  4. 33 Concepts — Big concepts in JavaScript explained.

  5. You Don't Need jQuery — Native ways to do everything in jQuery.

  6. What the f*ck Ja vaScript? — A list of funny and tricky JavaScript examples.

  7. Youtube Channels for Frontend Developers


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