Struggling to find php8.2-fpm.sock in /run/php/php8.2-fpm.sock, Nginx Web Server


Despite configuring my server to listen on UNIX-domain sockets instead of TCP sockets, the socket file appears to be missing. Upon executing 'ls /run/php,' only is displayed. I've confirmed that php8.2-fpm is installed and running correctly using 'systemctl status php8.2-fpm.' Any insights into resolving this issue would be appreciated.

php8.2-fpm.service - The PHP 8.2 FastCGI Process Manager

     Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/php8.2-fpm.service; enabled; vendor pr /php8.2-fpm.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)

     Active: active (running) since Sat 2024-01-20 03:03:54 EDT; 20min ago

       Docs: man:php-fpm8.2(8)

    Process: 282214 ExecStartPost=/usr/lib/php/php-fpm-socket-helper install /run/php/php-fpm.sock /etc/php/8.2/fpm/pool.d/www.conf 80 (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)

   Main PID: 282200 (php-fpm8.2)

     Status: "Processes active: 0, idle: 2, Requests: 7, slow: 0, Traffic: 0req/sec"

      Tasks: 3 (limit: 4621)

     Memory: 67.5M

     CGroup: /system.slice/php8.2-fpm.service
             ├─282200 php-fpm: master process (/etc/php/8.2/fpm/php-fpm.conf)

             ├─282212 php-fpm: pool www

             └─282213 php-fpm: pool www

Jan 20 03:03:54 systemd[1]: Starting The PHP 8.2 FastCGI Promd[1]: Starting The PHP 8.2 FastCGI Process Manager...

Jan 20 03:03:54 systemd[1]: Started The PHP 8.2 FastCGI Procmd[1]: Started The PHP 8.2 FastCGI Process Manager.
2 Answers

To address the issue of the missing php8.2-fpm.sock file in the specified paths (/var/run/php/php8.2-fpm.sock and /run/php/php8.2-fpm.sock) on your Nginx server, you may want to verify the following:

  1. Ensure that PHP-FPM for version 8.2 is installed on your system.
  2. Check the PHP-FPM configuration file (/etc/php/8.2/fpm/pool.d/www.conf) for the correct socket path configuration.
  3. Confirm that the PHP-FPM service is running by executing systemctl status php8.2-fpm.
  4. Review the Nginx configuration to make sure it is correctly configured to connect to the PHP-FPM socket.

After making these verifications, restart both PHP-FPM and Nginx to apply any changes:

sudo systemctl restart php8.2-fpm
sudo systemctl restart nginx

This should resolve the issue of the missing php8.2-fpm.sock file in the specified paths.


The missing php8.2-fpm.sock can be frustrating, but let's work together to diagnose and fix it! Here are some steps to investigate:

1. Verify Configuration:

  • Nginx config: Double-check your Nginx configuration file where you specify the fastcgi_pass directive. Ensure it points to the correct socket path, for example, fastcgi_pass unix:/run/php/php8.2-fpm.sock;.
  • php-fpm config: Review the listen parameter in your php-fpm pool configuration file (/etc/php/8.2/fpm/pool.d/www.conf). Confirm it's using the expected path like listen = /run/php/php8.2-fpm.sock;.

2. Check Permissions and ownership:

  • Run ls -l /run/php/php8.2-fpm.sock to verify file permissions and ownership. The socket should be owned by the user running php-fpm (often www-data) and be writable by that user.
  • Ensure the directory itself (/run/php) has proper permissions. It should be owned by the root user and writable by the php-fpm user.

3. Restart Services:

  • Sometimes, services need a nudge to pick up configuration changes. Try restarting both Nginx and php-fpm:
    • sudo systemctl restart nginx
    • sudo systemctl restart php8.2-fpm

4. Further Diagnosis:

  • If the above steps don't solve the issue, try checking php-fpm logs for any errors: sudo tail -f /var/log/php8.2-fpm/error.log.
  • You can also check system logs for clues: sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog.

Additional Tips:

  • Some systems might use an alternative path for the php-fpm socket. Consult your system documentation or configuration files for guidance.
  • Ensure you have the correct php8.2 package installed and not a different version, like php8.1.

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