Laravel Pint configuration: Keeping Your Laravel Code Tidy with Pint

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Laravel Pint is a lifesaver for developers who want to enforce consistent code style across their projects. This opinionated code fixer ensures your code adheres to Laravel's coding conventions, promoting readability and maintainability.

The beauty of Pint lies in its simplicity. It comes pre-installed with fresh Laravel installations, eliminating the need for additional configuration. By default, it enforces the recommended Laravel coding style, automatically fixing minor formatting issues.

Diving Deeper

To unleash Pint's full potential, check out this helpful video tutorial Laravel Pint Configuration Tutorial. It provides a step-by-step guide on configuring Pint to match your specific coding preferences.

Configuration File (pint.json):

Pint utilizes a pint.json file for configuration. This file resides in your project's root directory and allows you to define custom rules or disable specific defaults.

While customization is encouraged based on team preferences, here's a recommended configuration for your pint.json file:


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