How Much Does Web App Development Cost In 2022

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When it comes to getting an idea of how large investment will be, we understand you may look for exact numbers. However, as far as web app development costs are concerned, this remains obscure. Custom web development requires developers to approach every project differently. Estimating the exact cost of a project would require substantial information and a lot of time.

Why Do You Need a Web Application for Your Business?

We are operating in the mobile-first era. Certainly, your business has to be prepared for the same. It’s the time when your customers will not think before leaving if you fail to offer them a good online experience. Web apps offer native app-like experiences on the web. They are faster, smoother, and more robust than any simple website.

How Much Does Web App Development Cost In 2022
How Much Does Web App Development Cost In 2022
How Much Does Web App Development Cost In 2022

In one of our previous blogs, we compared mobile app development and web apps. If you are still swinging between the two, it might help you get clarity. For more information,

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Factors That Determine Web Application Development Cost

How Much Does Web App Development Cost In 2022
How Much Does Web App Development Cost In 2022

Every business owner wants to make sure that they find the best web app development services. It’s a long-term investment. But it’s equally important to stick to your budget limits. Well, if you are looking for an estimated cost of developing a web application, there are several factors that will determine the same. Once you understand these, it will be easier to figure things out.

1. Type of Web App You Want

There are different types of web apps, and certainly, the cost of development for all of them is likely to vary. However, price is not the only factor that should influence your choice of a web app. Nature and type of business along with the operations you conduct might play a major role in this.

What Are the Different Types of Web Applications?

There are three main types of web applications that you should know about.

  1. Single-page Applications

  2. Multi-page Applications

  3. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

2. Technologies/Tech Stack Used

How Much Does Web App Development Cost In 2022
How Much Does Web App Development Cost In 2022

Custom web application development services, price, time, and required resources vary based on the tech stack you choose. Since this may be a difficult decision for you, we suggest you seek advice from your development partner.

3. Scope of Development Services

The scope of development services is based on the complexity of the web application. It determines what services you would need along the way to bring your application idea to life. You probably need to understand the various stages involved in developing a web application from scratch.

  1. Discovery Phase

  2. UI/UX Design

  3. MVP Development

  4. Maintenance and Support

To understand the web application development process in detail,

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4. Hiring Options

How you choose to hire a web app developer for your project also affects the overall cost. Generally, there are three hiring options:

  1. In-House Developers Team

  2. Freelancers

  3. Project Outsourcing

To know more about IT staff augmentation and understand how it is different from other recruitment models,

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5. Team Composition

This is something you should probably consider before signing up for web application development services from any company. According to your requirements, make a list of professionals that should be part of your development team. The number of services and professionals you hire for the same will determine the approximate overall cost.

6. Non-Functional Requirements

The background performance of a web application also affects its overall cost of development. Therefore, the speed, capacity, scalability, and level of security required for your application will play a major role in estimating expenses. Certainly, building a web app for internal business purposes, and dealing with a few hundreds of people is different than the one for millions of users. It’s important that you understand these aspects well.

7. Location of the Web App Development Company

How Much Does Web App Development Cost In 2022
How Much Does Web App Development Cost In 2022

Web application development prices vary on the basis of the location of your development partners. Therefore, you would need to pay attention to location-wise prices before you finalize an application development company for your project.


When trying to know the approximate cost of web application development for your business, these factors play a major role. As we said earlier, it may not be possible to know the exact numbers since you cannot predict everything at once. Considering the above-mentioned factors will anyways give you an idea of the overall expenses.

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