Types of Instacart Clone Apps To Power Your Next Grocery Business

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The Instacart app has been widely successful in delivering products on time. Not only are the items delivered safely, but they are also picked up by a specially assigned shopper. Since users pick out their groceries (and the specifics), there are no chances of mistakes. 

Recreating the magic in the form of an Instacart clone app will take just a few adjustments. These will make sure your app is capable of surviving in the competitive world. 

Types of Grocery Delivery Apps

Each grocery delivery app follows its own business blueprint, through this, we can sub-categorize the apps. There are three main types of grocery delivery apps and each one has a specific quality that makes it so popular. 

Grocery Store Apps

This app group usually belongs to large supermarket stores or supermarket chains that have their own grocery delivery app. Growth is not really their motive for creating the app but they want to accommodate and offer convenience to their customers. 

Aggregating Apps

As the name suggests, these apps are an aggregation of various grocery stores. All of which are offering grocery items at economical and affordable prices. Users of such apps have a straightforward and smooth experience shopping for various groceries on a single app. If you are making an Instacart clone, adding aggregate properties can be beneficial. 

Marketplace Apps

A marketplace app is like a third-party delivery app that hosts several grocery sellers if not hundreds! Users can search for an item and have the various sellers offering it displayed on a single page. Users can select and order the appropriate one. In return, the marketplace will charge a small commission to the seller for platform/app use. 

Grocery Shopping App Classes

Every grocery shopping app does not have to follow the exact same idea. Each app can have a different use, making it appealing for different audiences. For example, the Instacart like app would deal with having a personal shopper undertake shopping activities for the user. Likewise, all grocery shopping apps have the ability to be unique. 

On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

These apps use special delivery agents who go to a store, shop for your groceries, and then deliver them to the users. This app caters to people who may be unable to leave home to get their own groceries.

It also helps to deliver groceries in emergencies (when guests are coming over but you have forgotten an ingredient). The app works by allowing the user to choose products and place them in the cart or submit a shopping list. 

Shopping List Apps For Groceries

Everyone uses shopping lists! Some people cannot do their grocery shopping without one. So why not help your users and add this to your Instacart clone appShopping lists can be segregated into various groups based on grocery items types.

Some examples are:

  1. Meats and dairy

  2. Fresh produce (fruits, vegetables, herbs)

  3. Dry items (flours, grains, and pulses)

  4. Beverages

  5. Canned and preserved items 

All of the categories above describe hundreds of items. Putting them together in categories makes it much easier for grocery delivery agents to pack and deliver orders. That is without making a mistake or risking the quality and safety of an edible item. 

Grocery Price Comparison App

Several apps are available for price comparison of electrical items and hotels. Wouldn’t it be great if the same feature was available for groceries? Well, this is a feature that you can develop into a fully-fledged application. 

This can now be a reality and users can choose where to get their desired groceries at the lowest price. It also helps when users are on a budget and need to get all their groceries within a certain figure. 

Grocery and Delivery App Ideas

Set on developing a grocery shopping app? You need an idea that will stand out even if there are several apps already on the market. In case you are not sure what is unique enough, here are a few ideas.  

Organic Grocery Delivery App

These products have taken the world by storm and have garnered many takers. People likely to use organic products are health-conscious, prone to allergies, or just looking for non-GMO items. The market for such consumers is large and having a specific app catering to these needs is ideal! 

Organic products could range from free-range livestock to premium non-GM grains and pulses. Making such products easily available for users would be successful. 

Fruit and Vegetable Delivery App

Everyone loves fresh fruits and vegetables, getting them directly from the farm would be amazing! If you have a farm or have a partnership with a farm, you can create a fruit and vegetable grocery delivery app. 

You can deliver the best produce directly to the customer without having to make the customer travel or compromise the fruits and vegetables. An idea like this can yield profits and reduce the amount of produce wasted. 

Bulk Shopping Grocery Delivery App

Ever need groceries in bulk but the grocery store just has them in single packets? For many people, the answer is yes, and they are not alone! Lots of people love to shop for the whole month or a few months at a time. 

Besides restaurants, hotels, schools all have the requirement to buy groceries in bulk quantities. Expect these establishments to be your prime user. Offering them the right products at competitive prices with shipping/delivery services is the key to success. 

Diverse Grocery Delivery App

These types of apps really do deal with diversity. They deliver everything from food groceries to pet food and even liquor. In reality, these are the ideal grocery business! The benefits of having such an app are numerous since you are providing everything a user needs through one functional and diverse app. 


The grocery business is tough and only through efficient grocery shopping app development can you provide something different to your users. Locking in on what consumers want is a sure way to succeed in gaining constant users. But before this, you must have a clear idea of what kind of grocery shopping app you want!


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