What are the new features in bootstrap 4.5?


Bootstrap is the most popular front-end open source and recently the bootstrap team has announced the new version v4.5, What's new in this version and how it will be helpful to all developers?

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Bootstrap v4.5.0 has landed with dozens of bug fixes, some small new features, and some changes to the development process.

What’s New-

Here are the highlights and what’s new in Bootstrap 4.5.0.

  • New interaction utilities. Quickly set user-select with the new utilities and Sass map.
  • New Reboot style for pointer cursors. The team now include a role="button" selector in Reboot to set cursor: pointer on non-<button> element buttons.
  • Examples are now downloadable. The team now added a script to zip up and offer all our Examples as their own download from the docs.
  • Saved ~5% from the compressed minified JS builds.
  • Added guidance to the Bootstrap docs for how to workaround longstanding input group rounded corner bug.
  • Redesigned docs homepage and navbar to increment Bootstrap towards v5’s new docs design.
  • Deprecated bg-gradient-variant mixin as it’s being removed in v5.
  • Updated to jQuery v3.5.1, Jekyll v4, and dropped Node.js < 10.

Minor Fixes in CSS-

  • Prevent vertical offset on progress bar in IE11
  • Add display: flex on .breadcrumb-item
  • Allow percentages in container widths
  • Escape brackets
  • Add missing Noto Sans font to font stack
  • Added new variable for padding on dropdown header
  • Fixes disabled .btn cursor
  • Added focus state to .btn-link
  • Fix IE auto-size input-group to column
  • Prevent grid with default cols from breaking when large pre is present by setting min-width: 0
  • Use word-wrap in .text-break for IE and Edge compatibility
  • Avoid border-radius functions returning negative values
  • Remove unnecessary reduce motion when $enable-transition: false
  • Fix centered modal scrolling issue
  • Prevent link underline change from affecting some components
  • Remove appearance from date inputs
  • Prevent redundant transition: none in transition()` mixin
  • Fix card list group borders & radii
  • Fix spinner-grow animation in Safari
  • Add .card-footer color
  • Use box-shadow mixin for .form-select, .btn, and other form controls
  • Added new interaction utilities for user-select and a new – role="button" in Reboot to set cursor: pointer.
  • Delete unncecessary appearance: none from button.close
  • Deprecate bg-gradient-variant mixin
  • Grid now checks for for $grid-columns > 0
  • Checks for an empty $grid-breakpoints map list to remove all breakpoints
  • Prevent list group style leaks
  • Disable auto-hiding scrollbar in IE and legacy Edge

Minor Fixes in Javascript-

  • Close modal with keyboard=true & backdrop=static
  • sanitizer.js: Add srcset in the allowed attributes
  • Updated tab.js to address accessibility issue when using ul/li semantic
  • Ensure totype always return stringified null when null passed
  • Enable button toggle on label when checkbox is inside
  • Switch to string constants to save ~5% on compressed file size
  • Fix event propagation from inactive and disabled dropdowns
  • Ensure build plugins can exit in error
  • Prevent scrollbar replacement on non-integer width
  • scrollspy: only accept valid Elements as input for target

Changes in Docs-

  • Redesigned docs homepage
  • Improved tap target sizing in our navigation
  • Added examples for our input group border-radius workaround
  • Added warning to browser bugs page that it’s no longer maintained
  • Added loading="lazy" for images
  • Improve wrapping and hit area of accordion example titles
  • Move width after make-container() mixin
  • Add Microsoft Edge for macOS to supported browsers
  • Added ability to zip and download our Examples
  • Add version number in page title
  • Changed input group validation examples to reflect issues with input group
  • Headings hierarchy in theming.md
  • Updated modal docs to simplify data-target usage and more
  • Clarify card group behavior
  • Remove holder.js leftovers
  • Use existing position utility in navbar example
  • Make the check for URL stricter in our docs search
  • Removed role=”document” from the modal dialog

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