How To Install NVM (Node Version Manager) on Ubuntu System?

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This tutorial will assist you with installing NVM on the Ubuntu machine. Additionally, allow you to install different node versions and other useful examples.

NVM is a Node Version Manager tool. Using the NVM tool, you can install multiple node.js versions on a single system. You can likewise pick a particular Node version for applications. It also gives a choice to auto-select node version using the .nvmrc configuration file.

Installing NVM on Ubuntu

We will use curl to install NVM. So, make sure curl is installed on your system:

sudo apt install curl

Run the following command to install NVM, and make sure to replace v0.37.2 with the latest version of NVM.

curl -o- | bash

 The script clones the nvm repository to ~/.nvm, and attempts to add the source lines from the snippet below to the correct profile file (~/.bash_profile~/.zshrc~/.profile, or ~/.bashrc).

export NVM_DIR="$([ -z "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME-}" ] && printf %s "${HOME}/.nvm" || printf %s "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/nvm")"
[ -s "$NVM_DIR/" ] && \. "$NVM_DIR/" # This loads nvm

Check the installed version, by running:

nvm --version

NVM commands

See  list all available node.js versions:

nvm ls-remote

Install latest LTS version of node:

nvm install --lts

Install a specific version of node:

nvm install 6.14.4 # or 10.10.0, 8.9.1, etc

See the list of installed node versions:

nvm ls

Switch to other installed node versions:

nvm use <your latest _working_ version from the ls>

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