Learn PHP Development from beginning.

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What is PHP ?

PHP stance Hypertext Preprocessor, it's server-side scripting laungage and easy to use. PHP  also well  known for its speed, simplicity, flexibility features that have made it more demand in the web development world.

How to start learning from beginning. 

  1. Clear all basics first including for, foreach, if and switch that widely used.

  2. Clear all array and string function.

  3. How many datatypes and how it's will be used.

  4. Basic knowlegde of MySQL at beginning stage. which helps you to generate dynamic page.

  5. Use tryout example which helps to make more clear.

  6. Do coding practice and resolve issue your own.

  7. Learn online tutorials, there are lot's of tutorials about PHP. If you are beginer check this website tutorials easy to learn with all code are there programmerdesk

Create dynamic demo for CRUD

Start creating PHP crud use database connection, create html table and play with it. CRUD always use for every website development. You will be familar with INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT and DELETE query. here is simple demo CRUD operation

Learn basic of JS

JS used for front-end coding, mostly use validation purpose and Call server file which make great user experience.
Create simple HTML form and validate it using simple JS you will get idea about how it's works.


Familar with PHP and how can we use PHP for Developing project. there is basic idea for beginner how to start work with PHP, MySQL and JS. 


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