How can I resolve the 'Git index.lock' error that occurs during a commit?


I encounter a "Git index.lock" error when attempting to commit, yet I am unable to delete the file. The error message is as follows:

fatal: Unable to create 'project_path/.git/index.lock': File exists.

Oddly, when I execute ls project_path/.git/index.lock, it reports that the file does not exist. What steps should I take to resolve this issue?

Jitendra Mishra
Jitendra Mishra ·

It appears that the root cause of the issue might be attributed to another ongoing process that was inadvertently writing to the project directory. After restarting my machine, I no longer encountered any obstacles while committing. Could the ownership of the project_path/.git directory by root be related to the problem I experienced?

2 Answers

To resolve the 'Git index.lock' error during a commit:

  1. Confirm the existence of the lock file using ls project_path/.git/index.lock.
  2. Change ownership of the '.git' directory: sudo chown -R your_username:your_group project_path/.git.
  3. Investigate and terminate concurrent processes using tools like lsof.
  4. Restart your machine to clear any lingering conflicts.

These steps should address the issue and allow for successful commits.


To fix the 'Git index.lock' error during commit, check for the lock file with ls project_path/.git/index.lock, change ownership using sudo chown -R your_username:your_group project_path/.git, terminate concurrent processes with lsof, and restart your machine to resolve conflicts.


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